Historical Index Exchange Rates

People and companies need several historical index data for lots of reasons, and for bitcoin case, since 2013 we have provided the bitcoin and blockchain industries with our well established Global Bitcoin-Price Index (aka GBX) using our weighted average bitcoin price across all the bitcoin exchanges we monitor.

After many requests from a variety of sectors, we realized users need quick and easy access to historical price data in one of our 160+ crypto currencies. This store makes that possible, easily download price data for personal or company taxes, find the fiat value of a bitcoin transaction to go with an invoice, useful for academics and students studying, and many other use cases.

Simply select your required currency, the format (CSV or XLSX), the duration of index data needed (1y, 2y, 4y or all time data). You’ll then shortly receive your historical index exchange rates by email, and have all the data you need, a few minutes from now.

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